Thursday, April 21, 2011

Break them Down One by One

From the Whole Brain Teaching Forum:


I implemented WBT today. I introduced class-yes, the 5 rules, the scoreboard and teach ok.

One of the main problems I saw today was that the smart alecky boys put two fingers to their head like a gun when we rehearsed rule 4. Does anyone have suggestions? This is a VERY chatty and VERY difficult class.

I'd appreciate any feedback.

(Note from FedUpMom: rule 4 is "Make Smart Choices", and the accompanying gesture is to tap the side of your head with your index finger. I like these boys!)

An answer from Chris Rekstad:

I agree with Farrah, and would do everything that she says, with a bit of spice. The spice being for those most challenging boys/kids.

WIth them you need to just say, "I'd like you to practice with me at recess." Once recess comes you have them practice the rule correctly for 1 minute, silently. They may start goofing off or telling you that they aren't going to do it, so then you tell them this, "You can do it one minute my way, or 4 minutes your way!"

You may want to peruse the ebook called Industrial Strength Whole Brain Teaching or Teaching Challenging Teens and look in the section Rebel Clicques. What you have is a situation where you're the new gal coming in on their turf. You're going to have to break them down one by one, starting with the Alpha Dog.

Keep us posted right here on this great forum!

Power to the Teacher!

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  1. Yeah! Break those children down! Isn't that why you went into teaching?

    Actually, why bother with the Industrial Strength Whole Brain Teaching book? Why not go straight to the experts?