Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh, Please

From today's NYTimes, Obama: Republican leaders must bend on taxes:

Mr. Obama compared the lack of resolution in the debt talks to his daughters’ ability to get their homework done a day early.

“They’re not waiting til the night before. They are not pulling all-nighters,” Mr. Obama said. “They need to do their job. They need to go ahead and make the tough choices.”

It's the ultimate boast of a smug parent: my kids get all their homework done on time!

Where's that bucket when I need it?

(Full disclosure: Older Daughter routinely waits until the last possible moment to deal with homework. Younger Daughter doesn't do homework, because I told her teacher I don't believe in homework for first grade.)


  1. PsychMom says:

    I've got the bucket.....I'll pass it along in a second.

    I've passed a new benchmark on this issue. Mr. Obama's comaprison is just quaint to be now...he can start calling those whippersnappers "sonny', if he likes's all the same era to me.

  2. "comparison"...not whatever word I created. Though it's very Freudian..."coma prison"

  3. You can tell I'm on summer brain functioning...
    It should have read "quaint to ME now"

  4. On the one hand, this family doesn't appreciate the children being dragged into political discussion, but on the other, I guess it's ok for him to use the analogies any time he wants. Yk, Chris Christie is the same way on the private school issue. Why doesn't he just come out and say, "public school sux, and that's why we send our children to private school. And by the way, there is no right to an education in the Constitution last I checked."

    But no. BOTH Democrats and Republicans just want to dance around the issue and talk about "great" schools they would never in a million years send one of their own children into.

  5. "Coma prison", you say? Hmmm ... *strokes beard* ... how do you feel about that?

  6. He is always dragging the kids in...during the BP gusher in the Gulf, he said his younger daughter asked him if he plugged the hole yet...yeah I believe that happened. He's wants to cave on the social programs in a timely fashion. Congress is holding that up