Friday, June 3, 2011

A Revolting Plate

Not to harp on the subject, but here's a couple of suggested meals from the USDA:

Now there's some food you couldn't give away to the Donner Party.  "No thanks, I'll just keep eating Grandma's liver."

Really, what's wrong with these people?  Have they never eaten a decent meal in their lives?

P.S. I've found one more image of USDA sample meals:


  1. With our national budget, they couldn't hire a food stylist?

    That looks repulsive. Wow.

  2. For a 2 million dollar campaign, the visuals are just unbelievably bad.

  3. Lol -- seriously, what is that mystery protein in the first picture? Is it a hunk of plain tofu? And I get parched just looking at that second meal -- nothing like some dry bread with your dry meat! If that's health, give me heart disease.

  4. Chris, the pinkish color of the protein lump says "salmon" to me, although how it achieved that disgusting shape and shiny texture is anybody's guess.

    And apparently the only thing the USDA can think of to fill the "grains" category is a dry slice of supermarket bread.

    The plate does nothing to address the problem of portion size, which is a huge, and I mean huge, part of the obesity problem. If you look at the USDA's samples, they're using a ginormous plate (consider that the dry bread slice takes up only a quarter of the plate's surface.)

  5. That is some nasty looking food. I think the colors on the plate don't help, but they really need to hire someone who specializes in food photography.

    Would it hurt them to include a glass of water? Perhaps the dairy industry has a gun to the head of somebody in the government.

    And since when is corn a vegetable?

  6. Check out Stephen Colbert's take on the new nutritional icon:

  7. Don't know why that didn't link. Let's try again:

  8. I give up. Please just cut and paste :(.

  9. Here it is as a link.

    Colbert report: Obama administration replaces food pyramid

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  10. But it works everywhere else :(. I'll take a look, when I have a sec. Thanks, FedUp!

  11. omg...colorized food from the 50's looked way better than these strange geometric shapes.
    Tell us the truth , this a food ad from a prison trade magazine ?