Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Day, Two Schools

Today I had brief encounters with both of Younger Daughter's schools.  In the morning, I stopped by Natural Friends.  Younger Daughter's first-grade teacher last year, Teacher 1, had sent us an e-mail saying that she had some of Younger Daughter's writings, and the wiggle cushions we had bought her, so I went over to pick them up.

I told Teacher 1 that I was pretty sure I knew what the basic problem was; a lot of stuff they did went right over Younger Daughter's head, and she was intimidated that many of the kids seemed to "get" subjects that she struggled with.  She was afraid of looking stupid, which led to anxiety, which led to bad behavior.  Teacher 1 said, "Yes, she's very perceptive that way."  Thanks a lot.

In the afternoon there was a "Meet and Greet" at Younger Daughter's new school, the local public elementary.  Let's call it Fragrant Hills.  On the playground YD met 2 kids she knows from the neighborhood, plus a kid she knows from summer camp.  One of her tablemates in the classroom was actually in her kindergarten class at Natural Friends.

I had hoped to talk to YD's second-grade teacher about YD's behavior issues.  I had completely forgotten that these events are set up precisely to prevent any meaningful discussion from taking place.  So, like the other parents, we said a brief hello to the teacher (about whom I know nothing), put our names down for the fall conference, poked around the classroom a bit, and then went home.

I did notice a corner of the whiteboard labeled "Daily Homework".  There were spaces for reading, math, spelling, and social studies, and something about getting the homework log signed.  Hoo boy.

So, we hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and take what comes.


  1. In the immortal words of Nancy Reagan, JUST SAY NO.

  2. Yep! Send those teachers an e-mail!! :)

    So HOW IS IT GOING IN SCHOOL??? Is YD happy? What's going on? Need to hear allll about it.

  3. Happy Elf Mom, there's nothing to report so far! Our schools don't begin until next week.

  4. FedUpMom, just stay firm about not bothering with the homework. I just ended up ignoring the logs and recycling the worksheets and nothing was ever said about it. My daughter starts 2nd grade next week and I plan to do the same thing. If the teacher says something I might go with "Oh, yeah, I've heard about this homework in elementary school thing. It's an odd concept, isn't it?" and maybe finish with a little laugh and an eyeroll just for good measure. Like Homework Blues said "Just Say No."