Thursday, February 2, 2012

Principals Handing Out Medications

Teachers union says Philly school district violates policy on meds.

Sure, cut the nursing staff and allow principals and counselors to distribute meds to kids. Why not? What could possibly go wrong?


  1. I don't know how the laws stack up state by state but our state does not require licensed nursing staff to administer medications. Not every school in our district has a full time nurse either.

    Instead we have "health aides"...which I don't think requires any sort of certification. The health aides are often required to handle fairly complex situations in addition to administering medications. They can call an actual nurse for advice...but if that nurse isn't in the building...ultimately they are on their own.

  2. That sounds like an accident waiting to happen. It would be pretty easy to overdose a child, or give them the wrong meds entirely.