Saturday, September 14, 2013

Not the Best and Brightest

From the comments to Homework Debate: Too Much, Too Little, or Busy Work? :

comment by Really?:
Actually the mom probably does know better than the teachers. Most of the people I went to college with who became teachers weren't our best and brightest. In fact of the dozens of now teachers I went to school with there's only one that I would let teach my kids.
comment by 777abc:
You can't explain this to people. They just don't get it. They think you're bashing teachers. They can't grasp there might be truth to what you're saying. I actually have my degree in education and was horrified at the lack of brightness in some classmates. In a math methods class, we had to take a basic math test to pass the class. It was really all elementary basic basic math...TWO people passed the test the first time in the entire class. I taught for a couple years and got out because I could not work with some of these people every day listening to them complain about their jobs and students. I have always said if people could spend one lunch period in the teacher's lounge, they would pull their kids from the school so quick heads would spin.

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  1. You should read some of the posts by teachers at There are some really seemingly nice, caring teachers with a good attitude who post on there. But then there are some crazy things.