Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Opting Out

This year, for the first time, we are opting Younger Daughter out of standardized testing.  In previous years, she didn't want to be singled out as different from the other kids, so she went ahead and did the tests.  This year, there's been enough of a groundswell that she knows other kids who are opting out, so she's ready to join them. 

Today we went (by appointment) to the school to look at the tests.  We had to sign forms saying we'd keep the contents secret (is this legal?) The tests were about what you'd expect; the standard multiple-choice mind-numbing fare. 

Next, we'll write a note to the Superintendent stating our religious objections to the test (by state law, the only way you're allowed to opt out), and then we're done!  The school is arranging some kind of activity for the refuseniks to do while their classmates are filling out the test.  The anti-test groundswell is growing ...


  1. Only by saying you have religious objections can one opt out?!
    You are saying some church has more sway than the individual?WTF

  2. Who knows? That's the way the law was written. Nobody asks what your religion is, though. It could be the "Church of Moi", as you call it. It's like being a conscientious objector to get out of the army, I guess.

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