Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recess: the Nicholas Brothers

I can't think about education issues all the time. Sometimes I just need a break. Don't we all?

Recently, I've been renewing my lease on life by watching the fabulous Nicholas brothers. Here they are in their most famous performance, from "Stormy Weather":

Jumpin' Jive

Here's an earlier performance; young Harold could really sing! Look for Nat King Cole standing by the piano in the background.

Lucky Number

This one's even earlier. Both the brothers go up en pointe, a move later imitated by Michael Jackson:

Pie Pie Blackbird

I think I need to watch these about 80 more times before I'm ready to think about schools again ...


  1. Lord! I love the Nicholas Brothers!!

    Thanks for all the righteous clips!

  2. There's a funny little incident in "Lucky Number". When they're singing, watch the moment when older brother Fayard sings the word "superstitious". He gives his little brother Harold a push on the chest, as if to back him away from the microphone. You can see Harold give a quick glance to the director to see if he needs to move.

    They touch each other a lot during the song -- I wonder if they're working out their distance from each other. I think they never touch during the actual dance.