Saturday, August 21, 2010

Teachers vs. Parents

In my web travels looking for posts against reading logs, I found this thread: reading log or not to reading log? I'm happy to report that the thread begins with a comment by a teacher who read I Hate Reading Logs and has decided to stop using them. This is progress!

Reading on, however, I discovered a teacher whose strongest response was to the StopHomework blog itself:

The main thing that I was completely taken back by was the blog about stopping homework that was posted. I thought the comments the parent(s) made were extremely rude. Sending a letter to the teacher and instructing her what you will and will not do?????

... I guess I was very disappointed by the comments on that blog. Why would someone use their time setting up a blog bashing homework and being so disgrunttled with teachers?

Umm .. because they wrote a book showing that most homework is a waste of time?

Those that read the blog what did you think? Am I alone here? I just cannot support that type of attitude toward education.

And she got a response:

I so agree with you 100%! I would NEVER let my parents tell me what their child can or cannot do.

I blame homework for giving teachers a bad attitude toward parents. Homework blurs the line between school and home, turning parents into the teachers' subordinates, and turning home life into an extension of school.

One outrageous outgrowth of this is that children get punished at school for the actions of their parents. Kids get low reading grades because Mom forgot to sign the reading log. Kids lose recess because Mom got them to school 5 minutes late.

How does any of this promote learning? And why do parents put up with it?


  1. Treat me like the PARENT that I am and you will find yourself treated with respect likewise. Belittle me, or assume that I'm going to make my kids slaves here at home when they've already put in eight hours at school, and you're going to find that I'm not going to "back you up" when issues happen at school. I will no longer give you the benefit of the doubt when situations arise, because I've seen your disrespect in action and cannot assume good intentions.

    "I would NEVER let my parents tell me what their child can or cannot do."

    Hm. Are teachers really used to that level of control over the family lives of all their students that they speak this way as a general rule amongst themselves? Maybe in some places... but don't try it with me, missy.

  2. Yes, didn't you know that criticism, dissent, and refusal to take orders from public employees are forms of rudeness? Don't worry, though, the schools will make sure your kids learn that lesson well.

  3. "I would never let my parents tell me what their child can or cannot do"

    Beg your pardon, I may be old enough to be your parent but in fact I am not, dear.