Monday, November 15, 2010

Cultural Change

(This is a partial response to Chris' posts about conformity and compliance at A Blog About School.)

I grew up in a time when Americans were encouraged to see themselves as rugged individualists, living in a country whose gift to humanity was the freedom and independence of each person.  Unquestioning obedience and conformity were associated with our enemies, like Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.  People in power were looked at with suspicion. 

What happened?

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  1. PsychMom comments:

    I think the current trends towards rigidity and obedience is a backlash to the "permissiveness" that got started in the 70's. This applied to children and parenting but also towards women. Women got out of the house to work and North American children became outspoken and independent. What we're seeing now is just the snap back. It's being felt by children the most because they're the most vulnerable. Women can't be sent home again because right now, they are the people with the most jobs. Women, in this recession, are keeping families afloat.
    But the kids, they can be controlled.