Sunday, March 27, 2011

Homework in Kindergarten

Courtesy of the dc urban moms forum, here's a blog post about homework in kindergarten!

Next, they'll be sending moms home from the hospital with a big packet of worksheets.

Back to the dc urban moms forum, here's an interesting discussion:

Homework Elimination: Yea or Nay?


  1. They do send new moms home from the hospital with a packet of worksheets. They're "handouts" you are expected to read at the time of your discharge. Did you know it's not good to shake your baby when you are angry? And that babies need car seats EVERY time they ride in a vehicle, even if it's just to the store? Duhhh, they must wonder how we figured out how to get to the hospital before delivery if they think we're that stupid...

  2. Happy Elf, I work at a hospital, and sadly, there are new moms who don't know those things. Unfortunately, they probably aren't reading the materials or heeding the advice anyway.

    Anyway, before I worked at a hospital I worked in a Title 1 public school. I firmly believe that homework should be eliminated until at least 4th grade. Many kids are not able to sit down on their own at home and do an assignment until they are at least nine or ten. Until then, they shouldn't suffer because their parents are too busy or don't care or maybe don't know the math and reading themselves. I saw many situations where kids were already behind because they came from families who were not supportive for various reason. Then they were given homework they couldn't do on their own (including work they couldn't finish in class because they worked slowly), and then when it wasn't done, they were punished by losing recess, further hurting their chances of being able to focus in class.

    So yeah, I don't think much of homework that the parents have to do. I do believe kids should be encouraged to read and practice math facts at home, but it shouldn't be a graded requirement.

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