Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The “Right to Work,” Junior Edition

[From Chris, cross-posted at A Blog About School]

A few months ago, there was a short thread here about how “homework expert” Harris Cooper thinks kids should be working six to nine hours every day on school work. I commented:

Now that everyone seems to think that we need to use the kids to maintain our “competitiveness in the global marketplace,” and that we need to make them work more and more hours to achieve that goal, why don't we just go ahead and repeal the child labor laws? What exactly do people think the reason for those laws is, anyway?

It turns out that I should be more careful about what I sarcastically suggest.

(c/o Balloon Juice)


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  2. We're going right back to the Gilded Age.

    Have you watched the Elizabeth Warren lecture?

    The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

    At the beginning of the lecture, she explains that if you had asked her in 1975 what the American family would look like in 2005, she would have replied that American families would be tremendously wealthy, because of women going to work. (* hollow laugh *)

  3. PsychMom adds:

    Forced schooling and work after school...in addition to homework. I've said it before...there is a part of our western society that just can't stand kids and childhood. It's a complete waste of time in their eyes. They are the same folks who repeal retirement age limits....keep those seniors working too...

  4. We're going right back to the Gilded Age.

    It's not going to even that good. They are least BULIT something while grinding the working class to a pulp....

    I saw an interview with a member of the Detroit Symphony. They have been on strike for 6 months because they refused a 30% pay cut and no benefits...( how selfish of them !/snark ) after sighting several cases of take it or leave it jaw dropping rudeness...he said about DSO management

    "how can one work with these people?"

    Pal ,you still don't get it.

    You aren't supposed to with them
    but for them

    cleared now peon ?