Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Look at the Save Our Schools March

Yesterday I had lunch with HomeworkBlues. HWB attended the Save Our Schools March and is planning to write a post about it (exclusive to Kid-Friendly Schools!).

In the meantime, here's Susan Ohanian's take on it:

Sex, Lies and SOS

The Save Our Schools March was organized by teachers, and it was mostly representing the teacher's point of view, which doesn't always coincide with the parent's point of view.

While we're on the teacher's point of view, there's been news from several teacher bloggers.

Peter Gwynn of Mr. Teachbad was fired.

James Boutin of An Urban Teacher's Education quit his teaching job and hasn't yet landed a new one.

Jason Robillard of Teaching: Let's Roll Up Our Sleeves has, along with his wife, decided to leave teaching.


  1. Thanks for referencing our lunch. It was wonderful finally putting face to blog. I so enjoyed our time together. We have so much more to talk about so let's do this again! I'm an avid walker so a long city tour would suit me fine!

    And yes, I will write up a piece on it. Soon, soon.

  2. Thanks, HWB. I look forward to your post.