Monday, August 1, 2011

How Do I Get Talked Into These Things?

On a recent trip to the beach, the kids talked me into buying hermit crabs.  They come in their own nifty little cages, which on research are revealed to be exactly the wrong environment for raising hermit crabs, so we had to immediately run out and buy a new tank and fixin's.

Here's a close-up of the larger crab:

Here's the crabs in their new "crabitat":  the little one thinks it has camouflaged itself as part of the barnacle:

Oh well, I guess it's a learning experience for somebody (but whom?) --


  1. Love this post. Loved living and learning with my daughter.

    Unrelated, but check your FB messages. Hope we can meet!

  2. Oh oh ...slik worms part 2 ! lol!

  3. Hey, at least these critters can't breed in captivity. That's how the silkworms wiped us out ...

  4. You are learning, grasshopper

  5. Not really. I only found out they couldn't breed in captivity after we bought them!