Friday, October 14, 2011

None of Your Business

If you're having trouble reading it, the relevant lines of the form say:

Is late due to                                     Time?


  1. PsychMom says,

    Oh let's just be done with it and install punch clocks at the school entrances! Each child will have a debit card like thing that they will insert, registering their entrance into the building and they will have to check out at night as well. They already have "change" rooms and lockers and lunch rooms, teachers serve as bosses...all we need are punch clocks to complete the factory analogy.

    In the not too distant future, children will have to log into school at night too via their computers, to register that they have done their homework as well. Anyone not logging in will be "tracked". I can't believe they haven't done this already.

    Call me crazy.

  2. Suburban Chicken FarmerOctober 14, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    A Note To School

    Other: The plural of 'bus' is 'buses.'

    (imagine eye roll or face-palm here)

  3. Most of my post got eaten by Blogger, so I'm reposting.

  4. @SCF, I looked around on the web, and apparently either plural form of "bus" is acceptable, although maybe not by you!

  5. Suburban Chicken FarmerOctober 15, 2011 at 12:28 PM

    LOl, I hate being wrong. Well, not so much being wrong, but being so wrong, so publicly. ;)

    It's a book title, "The Plural of Bus is Buses"

  6. Psychmom - you are thinking too small.

    Let's just microchip them all and have a reader at the door.

  7. Why don't we reverse it and devise a home-generated form for school? My daughter didn't get anything done at school today because ____________________________________?

  8. HWB, I like your thinking. I can see a form that says:

    My child was assigned developmentally inappropriate homework because _____________________________?

  9. PsychMom likes that idea...
    My child didn't eat her lunch today because___________________________

    My child has math and creative writing homework tonight because______________________.

    Do you think if teachers had to actually come up with reasons why children had to do work at home that perhaps it would give them pause? I mean, are they going to write, "because Suzie needs to develop a sense of responsibility" every night as a reason to do homework?

    It's fine to spout theoretical reasons for things, but ...... these two sheets of addition problems (which Suzie can do perfectly fine in school) are going home for what reason again?

  10. Thanks, FedUp. It's time to flip the coin. They get paid. I want accountability! Justify the interruption to our home lives.