Sunday, November 16, 2014

Same Old Same Old

In the New York Times, Room for Debate: Should Parents Help their Children with Homework? featuring many of the usual suspects:  Sara Bennett, Alfie Kohn, and Jessica Lahey.

Sigh.  It's all the same stuff.  It seems like nothing has changed since Sara wrote The Case Against Homework (2006!)

I'm writing this post mostly to bookmark the article, which for some reason is not easy to find.

Also, I liked this comment:


New York, NY Yesterday
Assigning so much homework that young people with after school jobs or household responsibilities (caring for a younger sibling or sick family member) cannot possibly finish the homework and also show up for their other responsibilities sure separates the rich from the poor in a hurry.
Good point.

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  1. Room for Debate: Should Parents Help their Children with homework

    This question often seems funny assumes the parents can help their kids with their homework. A big assumption . I'd say there's room for debate about that .

    Parents have been doing their kids homework since forever we call it "helping " . The sad part is the pool of high paying status giving jobs everyone is killing themselves is constantly shrinking .

    It's one thing to sell your birthright for a mess of pottage...but to not even get the, that's rough