Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blaming Parents Some More

In today's NYTimes, Whose Failing Grade Is It?


  1. Can I reiterate here that "education" should NOT be compulsory?? Can we just acknowledge that not every family values the same thing the schools do? I don't get why families should be punished up to $500 PER DAY because they don't jolly well want the kid in school.

    Let the people be free! :(

  2. PsychMom adds:

    The article made me laugh. There's an elephant in a china shop.
    Someone says "The store owner should not have let the elephant in."
    Another says,"Who fed the elephant so much food that it got to be so big!"
    Yet another says, "It's the trainer/owner's fault because they should have kept better control of their elephant"
    And one more adds, "Whose going to pay for all the damage the elephant is causing"

    No one is saying, "The elephant really needs to get out of that store....let's figure out a way to do that."

    Our kids and our teachers are really not doing well at school. Let's figure out a way to make people's lives better. Everyone is very good at labelling and blaming, but no one wants to actually fix the problem.

    This piece just really exemplified that for me.