Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jay Mathews Doesn't Get It

From the comments to Who Says I'm an Over-Involved Dad?:

washingtonpostid4comment wrote:

Dear Parent,

SOLs are coming up. If you child is struggling with any subject tested you need to immediately TEACH your child the material they must know. I have limited time but you only have 1 child to teach. If it is a project that I sent home with unrealistic expectations for the age of your child, I urge you DO NOT HELP your child. Otherwise I won't be able to tell your child they didn't put enough effort into the project. I know 4th graders struggle to break down large projects into chunks and are just learning how to summarize information from the 4 sources they are required to gather independently. But I don't have time to teach these skills in my class. Therefore, I am sending this home even though I know they aren't capable of doing this independently. Don't worry about the hours spent in frustration not learning what they should be learning from the project. It is something that I would love to teach in my classroom if I had time. Their work will proudly be displayed in the hall for teacher conferences.

Remember, your time should be devoted to teaching your child to read, write, and do math.

thank you, Teacher

Very nice. A side of this I did not consider.

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