Friday, May 6, 2011

Whole Brain Parents

From the Whole Brain Teaching Forum:

This comment was written by a kindergarten teacher:

My parents love the notes sent home letting them know exactly what rule their child broke! I actually haven't had too much trouble having them returned and most of my parents, although I explained that the home practice should be 2-5 minutes, have signed the paper returning it saying their child practiced for 30 or so minutes. My parents are pretty creative for example:

Kid gets a practice card for Rule #2. Parent will have their child spend the evening having to raise their hand and be called on for ANYTHING they want to say or ask for the entire night! LOL! My parents have really bought into the WBT and love that their child isn't SCOLDED for misbehavior but are given the opportunity to practice the correct behavior! We have had great success!

Those poor kids. Not only has school been turned into a compliance factory, but now home is just an annex.


  1. PsychMom says:

    I don't like this method of classroom management but this instance of parent "engagement" is not really different from reading logs, or any of those papers that come home telling parents what they're supposed to do with their "students".

    I feel bad for the kids too, and I feel bad for the parents because it means they are as trapped as their kids are. It's all just really sad, and has nothing to do with success.

  2. That's so stupid, it must have come from Farrah Shipley.
    Recently, Chris Biffle added another tier to the bottom of his teacher pyramid scheme. To become a Whole Brain Teaching Intern now, you must start a blog, link with other Whole Brain Teacher bloggers, and link back to his website. After successful internship Whole Brain Tears may/might become paid Whole Brain Presenters.
    Mrs. Shipley was one of several who immediately started their blogs. (Though I believe she was already a Biffle intern.) She writes she never had any teacher training before becoming a teacher at her charter school several years ago. That's right, in Texas, you may teach in a charter sans certificate.
    She also has videos. Wanna see some unhappy Kindergarten students? Check out her out then.

    Why do you suppose Chris Biffle wants his devotees to publicly blog and backlink rather than use his website's forum?
    Google Whole Brain Teaching and you'll find Coalition For Kid Friendly Schools consistently at the top of the SE.

  3. Also, It's pervy for a teacher to laugh about parents not allowing young children to talk freely in their own home due to her complaints about said children.
    Also, she may say she doesn't scold but in her videos I see and hear her scolding and showing hostility on her face at times towards the children for no other reason than that's just who she is.

  4. I couldn't stand to watch much of the videos, but boy she does come across as hostile.

  5. For those with strong stomachs, here's Farrah Shipley's website:

    Kindergarten Heaven

    I think the Biffler will find that the internet is beyond his control.

  6. PsychMom says:

    I don't know what I expect when I start watching those videos, but I'm always still shocked. First, I'm shocked that they're kindergarten kids, sitting at huge desks, eyes front, in rows. Second, that all that movement is supposed to be meaningful. Third, that the teacher has her eye on every single movement and is controlling those children to that degree is frightening.

    I think the proponents of this method like it because they can control behaviour so efficiently. If that's what you're going for ...I guess they've got it made. I've said it before....I'll repeat myself (10 times if they like)...I would not allow my child in a Whole Brain classroom.

  7. Call me crazy but it seems very Orwellian to me. I'm as flabbergasted as the rest of you. If I were a teacher doing this to my class I certainly wouldn't film it, put it on YouTube and brag about it in a blog. These Whole Brainers are some sick people. Farrah Shipley is totally frightening. I'm with PsychMom-I'd not allow my kid in a Whole Brain classroom either.

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