Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Decision Gets Made For Us

So, the private school that we applied to for Younger Daughter, the one that specializes in language disorders, won't take her. Sainted Husband talked to the Admissions Director, who told him: "our psychologist reviewed the application and feels that this is a child with no learning disabilities, just emotional and behavior problems." That's been pretty much my feeling all along.

So it's back to the public schools; the very same elementary school where Older Daughter had a traumatic 5th grade year. At least there's a new principal, so we can start (sort of) fresh.

We have a conference coming up with the principal in 2 days. I want to make sure that the school is reasonably prepared for Younger Daughter.


  1. Good luck, FedUpMom. We have a new principal at our school this year, too (not even hired yet!). Am hoping for the best, but not holding my breath . . .

  2. Thanks, Chris! We're hoping for the best. If nothing else, it will be easier for our family because YD can take a bus to and from school (she's looking forward to it.)

    There's been a lot of turnover in principals/headmasters in our lives. We were involved with Natural Friends for a total of 3 years, and they had a different Head of School every year. The Head of School at Friends Omphalos (Older Daughter's school) just retired (getting old, with heart problems.) The principal who was nasty to me at Local Public Elementary retired a couple of years ago.

    I was surprised to find how important the principal really is. A principal can make or break a school. They really set the tone for how problems will be dealt with.

  3. Yes, I've learned that, too. And yet there is virtually no public input into, or public accountability for, the decisions they make.