Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No Surprise

In today's NYTimes, Systematic Cheating is Found in Atlanta's School System.

Wow, who could have predicted that high-stakes, punitive testing would be met with widespread cheating? Well, anyone, really.


  1. PsychMom comments:

    So who in the end has benefitted from standardized testing? No one...and the adults have provided no leadership to boot. You are entirely correct FedUpMom, this was completely forseeable.

    Funny, though, when the headlines include the word "school" and "cheating", the mind automatically assumes the article will be about student behaviour.

  2. Those pesky homeschoolers should send their children to public school! At least there, the teachers have credentials and there is accountability!!

    (Siiiigh. Don't like high stakes? Leave. No excuse for crime and I hope these folks go to jail for a long time and/or lose their pensions for criminal misconduct.)