Sunday, August 15, 2010

Join the Chorus Against Reading Logs

As faithful readers of StopHomework know, my most commented-on post was the one about reading logs. The discussion is still ongoing.

I'm putting together a list of sites that oppose reading logs. If you have anything to add, please let me know!

Here's the list so far:

Newspaper Articles:

Calls for the Death of Reading Logs

Blog Posts by Parents:

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The Reading Log

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Not So Usual: You Can Take This Reading Log And —

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Even in Australia: "I'm starting to hate reading these books!"

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BookNAround: Reading and Math Logs

Reading: It's kind of a big deal

The Reading Log: the Quickest, Most Effective Method of Killing a Love of Reading

Blog Posts by Teachers, Reading Specialists, Librarians, and Other "Experts":

Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate Reading Logs

Reading Rockets: Reading Logs, Reading Blahs

Reading Rockets: Reading Logs, Our Own Hot Topic

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Nancy teaches: Want children to love to read? Throw away reading logs.

Dear Parents: At-Home Reading -- The Book Whisperer

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Reading Logs. (Sigh.)

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Crisscross Applesauce: Toodles to Reading Logs

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Parents' Forums:

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Teachers' Forums:

Reading Log or not to Reading Log??? -- Pro Teacher Community

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Can I just say that I have no patience for this anymore? ... Pro Teacher Community


  1. Here is another discussion from this summer in which teachers are questioning the use of reading logs:

    Maybe the ice is breaking a little?

  2. That didn't link so here are comments from from teachers:

    "Reading Logs - better known as lie logs....

    You hit the nail on the head about the logs. They don't
    accomplish the intended goals, and there is no way to really
    monitor via a log what is truly done at home. Our teams tell
    parents that the log is the childs responsibility to make
    sure the parents sign not the other way around. So, what is
    it measuring - reading or the child's ability to follow
    through on paper work or the child's ability to catch a
    parent at an appropriate time where he/she can sign the log.
    Or none of the above. Also, how does the log show the child
    had any understanding of what was read and didn't just flip
    through the pages of a book that was too hard or too easy?

    This is one idea that looks good on its face but when put
    into practice it falls short.

    On 8/05/10, Mae in Texas wrote:
    > I've come to the place in The Book Whisperer where she
    > talks about reading logs. I totally agree, but I've got a
    > problem to solve. Everyone in my school has some sort of
    > reading log for minutes read that has to be signed each
    > night. Everyday I see kids sitting out recess because they
    > didn't get their log signed. Reading logs have become a
    > family homework assignment and a punishment. Kids who read
    > all the time will read anyway. Kids who don't read may or
    > may not read some, and parents still sign the reading log.
    > It's a complete waste of time, totally worthless, and
    > demotivating to boot. I hate the nightly reading log as
    > both a teacher and a parent. I've been in the situation for
    > years now where I've had to go along to get along. Our
    > district requires 20 minutes of nightly reading for
    > homework, but doesn't require a reading log -everyone just
    > does it. I don't want to do it anymore.
    > Here is the deal. The district just brought in Donnelly
    > Miller (The Book Whisperer). They are all over her book,
    > praising it up one side and down the other. Obviously, they
    > believe what she has to say. The Assistant Sup that
    > introduced her said that he wished every teacher was like
    > her. I am...quietly making independent
    > reading the cornerstone of my classroom for years now. I
    > think if I dropped the nightly reading log like a hot rock
    > I would get...literacy coach support, principle support,
    > and admin support, but I also think I would get
    > grief...from my grade level team. Maybe. I don't know. I'm
    > going back to a grade level team after five years away.
    > Some of the folks are the same, some have changed. I don't
    > know how they will feel about me. I tend to go against the
    > grain to do what I think is best practice. I don't want to
    > rock the boat, but I don't want to do something that I
    > think is a major demotivator. I have my own ways of
    > motivating kids to read -intrinsically, and I want to
    > continue on that path without the interference of bowing
    > down to a night reading log that really means nothing when
    > all is said and done. Now, I hope I'm not stepping on any
    > reading log toes. I've done them for years, but I've done
    > them reluctantly the last few years, and I've decided I
    > don't want to continue to do them. I just want help in
    > deciding how to approach this situation. Mae"

  3. Hi Anonymous -- thanks for the tip! It's the last link in my list.

    "Lie logs" -- absolutely right.

  4. Thanks for the link FedUpMom! I guess we all agree on this one!

  5. @Judy -- thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll take a look around the blog. I don't ask anyone to agree with me all the time, but I think we're reaching a consensus about reading logs!